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What Your July Horoscope Means for Your Travel Life

In a new column, professional astrologer Kirah Tabourn reads your monthly horoscope—and spells out how it may shape your travels.

July is a month where the lights of our solar system, our sun and moon, shine brightest. In the northern hemisphere, it’s summertime–the brightest season of the year, marked by the days being longer and nights shorter. The sovereign, illuminating power of the luminaries (sun and moon) become the central focus. We start out in Cancer season, ruled by the silvery protective moon, and end the month in Leo season, ruled by the golden, central figure of our solar system, the sun.

Cancer season is about what we hold close to us, what we’re willing to protect, nurture, and take care of. For travelers, that could mean prioritizing places you hold close to your heart, the people you choose to make future memories with, or your own physical vessel as you move through the world. Leo season is about finding your way back to center and shining brightly from a space of self-knowing and self-regard, which could translate into confident planning around a trip that’s sure to light you up and revive your soul. As planets move through these signs, we’re asked to consider what truly illuminates us, what places bring us back to who we are, and how we can navigate our way there. A full moon on July 13 and a new moon on July 28 punctuate a month of shifts in energy and direction.

Astrologer's note: Below we refer to your signs as “rising” signs, also known as your ascendant sign. Horoscopes are more accurate when read this way—using your birth time and location, you can quickly find your rising sign online (it takes less than 30 seconds).

Aries Rising

Over the past month you’ve been making space in your life, perhaps unconsciously, to give yourself room to explore your body, your appearance, and your identity as a whole, publicly but especially internally. Your pace slows down significantly in July as you start to think more long-term, preparing for hard work in the months ahead. Whether you’re currently traveling or spending more time at home, prioritize a practice of finding your center. Re-rooting into places that make you feel safe, comfortable, and joyous is a great way to find grounding amongst shifting tides. That might mean paying a visit to your hometown, planning to see family (biological or chosen), or spending time in a place special to you in childhood that can help you process any confusion and uncertainty about where you’re at right now. If you're in a funk looking ahead to this month's travel plans, give yourself permission to postpone anything that isn't sitting right (most flights and hotels have flexible cancellation policies these days anyway). You’ll thank yourself later.

Taurus Rising

Travel has been on your brain for some time, so if you haven’t already planned a weekend getaway this month… what are you waiting for? Even if it’s a day trip to your nearest beach or outdoors area, it’s time to leave behind the mundane day-to-day and get out and about. Try not to focus too much on the Big C “Change” but instead, think about just one little c “change” that you can implement within the next few weeks. It'll help escape that chatter in your head. Maybe it’s taking a few hours out of the week to spend in nature, or even browsing flights for a bigger journey to take later this year that you can look forward to (think about the kind of experience that can give the perspective you’re craving; maybe it’s finally tackling that five-day trek to Machu Picchu, or plotting a road trip to Utah’s parks).

Gemini Rising

Do you ever start saving up, mentally and emotionally, for a hypothetical trip? We’re talking about savings that you’ve probably worked hard to put away, but don’t really have a designated assignment. Whatever amount you have under your rhetorical couch cushions, this is the time to do it. July is a month that puts a spotlight on your wallet, your finances, and your things. It begs that you ask yourself: What are you spending your money on? For you, in particular, you tend to spend depending on how you’re feeling and what internal needs would be satisfied based on certain purchases. So with that in mind, invest in types of trips that will have lasting meaning (like family reunions, group weekends away with friends you haven't seen in years—maybe even a gift trip for a parent who deserves a vacation). Be particular about the neighborhood you stay in as well—you'll be happiest with a place that feels comfortable, warm, and special.

Cancer Rising

This month is all about your partnerships and other relationships. It’s a time where you’ll see yourself reflected in those you’re closest with, both the loving and endearing parts and the sticky, not-so-cute ones. You may look at those around you with your heart swelling in gratitude for the people in your life, or you may realize that some relationships you’re in aren’t aligned with what you really want for yourself. Partnered? This is a month for a couple’s trip: book an intimate glamping trip (Under Canvas' campuses and cozy Getaway cabins guarantee quality time), or visit a city—say Charleston for staying stateside, or Montreal if you’re up for going a little further—where you can spend quality time exploring together. Single? If you don’t find yourself on a trip for work, then you might want to find some time away with a close friend or two—book an Airbnb somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but never visited (the house will be the perfect space for quality time after a day out and about). Consider a road trip to your nearest beach or small town. However you do it, find time to connect with someone special outside of your day-to-day and in return, learn a lot about yourself.

Leo Rising

You may be feeling a deep, perhaps unexplainable need for retreat, escape, and disconnection. Really, what you are craving is reconnection—with yourself, your spirit, and your body. It’s a great time to get out of town for a solo trip in order to come back to yourself. Preferably somewhere with water, whether it be a lake, hot springs, the ocean, or even a place with a nice pool and hot tub. The Great Lakes, Ozarks, and the Caribbean are all surefire destinations—or, if you’re a cruiser, this may be your time to take a solo sailing—but a weekend at the beach will also do the trick. Being in water will help you process everything you’ve been moving through over the last few months. More renewal comes toward the end of the month with the Leo New Moon, when you might feel up for making trip plans with others again. Until then, if you’re feeling a little lost in the sauce, know you aren’t alone, and it isn’t permanent.

Virgo Rising

When’s the last time you got a bunch of friends together for a trip? You’re likely feeling more social than usual this month, craving the feeling of being surrounded by your most beloved and supportive friends. Even a day hike or a night in a nearby city together would be some great medicine for your soul, and likely theirs too. Or, consider this a sign to start planning something ambitious for later in the year—and kick off some planning calls in the near future that’ll give you that quality time you’re craving, with a big payoff down the road. Sometimes you need to be reminded of the fact that you are loved, and your friends are likely the types to make that clear to you. Spend time celebrating these bonds, and prioritize pleasure and fun. Toward the end of the month, you’ll want more alone time, so if a trip has to wait until August, then you might want to book a solo trip for some much-needed R&R after weeks of socializing (look for a hotel with a great spa, or maybe a pool, to really indulge yourself—and definitely order room service).

Libra Rising

Your work life is busier than usual this month and you need all the extra time for rest that you can get to balance out that exposure. Of course, it feels good to be seen and recognized, but be sure not to overextend yourself with work or networking obligations, or you may end up feeling resentful. Be firm about your working hours, and take advantage of the time you have off—make plans for yourself, whether that looks like nights out to explore new restaurants on your list, or a day trip to a nearby state or national park, so that the busy weeks don’t only consist of time on the job. With so much going on this summer, you may find yourself ready to book a trip back home, whatever and wherever home means for you, so consider this a reminder to get something on the books for later in the year when things slow down (you’ll be able to really relax in a welcoming and familiar space). Plus, consider how much you’ll save on flights if you book your holiday travel now versus later (come fall, you know others will start booking, too).

Scorpio Rising

Let’s be real, you need a break. And you deserve a break. It’s almost as if you’ve been stuck in a perpetual whirlwind of change since Scorpio season of last year (October 23 to November 21), with seemingly no end in sight. Know you aren’t alone, and that this month brings an invitation to connect with friends and loved ones who may be able to see you more clearly, hold space for your pain, and perhaps offer some loving guidance. A road trip with a bestie could significantly help improve your overall mood—pick a scenic route with enough charming stops and stellar views. Getting out of the house and on the road might bring a shift of perspective; exactly what you need.

Sagittarius Rising

All you want is a hot girl summer but work is keeping you more preoccupied than you'd anticipated. But there’s still time and space if you create it. This month is about balancing your desire for instant gratification (valid) with long-term planning. Try looking ahead a bit. Money’s definitely on your mind, especially around the Capricorn Full Moon mid-month, which makes it a perfect time to start budgeting. The Leo New Moon at the end of July is great for choosing a foreign destination to plan to visit, especially for a winter holiday. Do you finally start saving for that safari? (Our winter is the low-season, but still enjoyable, in places like Kenya.) Or, maybe this is your chance to book a stay at a hotel you’ve been ogling on Instagram: say, Habitas Bacalar in Quintana Roo, or the new Standard in Hua Hin, Thailand. Dream big, but approach it practically.

Capricorn Rising

July brings the people in your life into focus, including family, friends, and other significant relationships, while simultaneously spotlighting you, your identity, and how you move through the world. A Capricorn Full Moon mid-month offers you a moment of pause–how do the people you surround yourself with reflect on you? What about them do you love, and can you see those aspects in yourself as well? Take time and space to chew on this regularly throughout the month. You’ll also have an instinctual drive to have some fun in July, and trust that your closest confidants want to come along for the ride. Perhaps a staycation sleepover will do the trick (as we know you’re watching your budget; maybe you even let a HotelTonight deal choose where you go), or, if you’ve been saving up to book a flight to see some old friends, pull the trigger, you deserve a good time. Whichever route you take, make sure to earmark time on the trip itself to remind those with you why they matter to you.

Aquarius Rising

The past few years may have felt like a second puberty, but you’re almost on the other side of it. This year, however, has likely presented even more difficult growing pains. You’re tired and deserve rest, period. A full moon in the middle of the month really highlights this need. Don’t deny yourself of it. If you can get out of town for a weekend, your mind, body, and soul will appreciate it more than you know. The mountains, forest, or coast are all great places for you to recharge and find some solitude (the Washington Coast and Maine are great spots to find all of the above; abroad, British Columbia and Scandinavia would do the trick—not to mention Iceland, is also just a five-hour flight from the East Coast). Trust that you’ll need it, as you’ll likely find yourself to be more social toward the end of the month. Rest now, play later.

Pisces Rising

The world is your oyster but the magic is in your local areas this month. You have tons of access to fun of all kinds. Are you able to take a long weekend to enjoy small towns outside the big city you live in—or vice versa? Take a bike tour in a nearby city, find a new restaurant you haven’t eaten at before, maybe even stay at a hotel where you live—and invite some friends. This month is all about entertainment and fun, so live it up, and remember you don’t have to go far to do that. Prioritize your pleasure—get that tasting menu, buy that new suitcase—and really soak it up, for you’ll likely find yourself busier with work than usual toward the end of the month. Play hard and then work hard. It’s not the normal way of doing things, but who’s making the rules?