January 2023 Horoscope The Best and Worst Times to Book Travel This Month According to Your Sign
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January 2023 Horoscope: The Best and Worst Times to Book Travel This Month, According to Your Sign

Professional astrologer Kirah Tabourn reads your monthly horoscope—and spells out how it may shape your travels.

We enter the new year a little slow and sluggish yet optimistic about the twelve months ahead. Your January 2023 horoscope brings a much-awaited ending of planetary retrogrades, giving us adequate time to catch our bearings before we tiptoe forward into new territory. But first, we kick off the month with a Cancer full moon on Friday, January 6. 

This lunation is an invitation to release pent-up emotions that have been bubbling up over the past few weeks. Let’s face it, the holidays can be a stressful or difficult time for many people, so if you’ve been holding a lot in, this full moon will allow you to exhale, process your feelings, and move forward. That release could also be an expression of emotion and love. During this time, expect to receive important insights around an issue you’ve been dealing with since early December. 

On Thursday, January 12, the Mars retrograde that began on October 30, 2022, will finally end. Throughout the last two months, it may have been difficult to find clarity around certain decisions and even more so, have the willpower, strength, or energy to focus on your goals. Slowly, as Mars picks up speed over the next two months, you’ll find more ease in taking action. That may look like finally choosing a travel destination for 2023 (and you won't have trouble finding inspiration on great places to go) or reaching out to friends to plan that group trip you’ve been talking about for months. The path begins to clear with Mars stationing direct, but forward momentum doesn’t really happen until Mercury goes direct on January 18. Retrograde since December 29, Mercury rules our transportation and communication—while it was retrograde you may have experienced delays in those parts of your life . 

Your true fresh start comes toward the end of the month: On Saturday, January 21, a new moon in Aquarius takes place, marking a true refresh. Finally, you’ll feel ready to book a flight and get out there. Here’s to a very happy, travel-filled new year.

Below, your January 2023 horoscope.

Astrologer's note: Below we refer to your signs as “rising” signs, also known as your ascendant sign. Horoscopes are more accurate when read this way—using your birth time and location, you can quickly find your rising sign online (it takes less than 30 seconds).

Lin Chen

Aries Rising

January starts off quite slowly as your ruling planet Mars moves gradually through the month, reaching a complete stop mid-month. But before that happens, a full moon in Cancer illuminates your fourth house of home and family on Friday, January 6. Before you consider where you’re going next, take a moment to appreciate where you’re currently at with this full moon. You may feel emotional, as this moon brings up memories of childhood or reconnects you with your home or family. 

The full moon is followed by Mars’ direct station on Thursday, January 12. Mars, your ruling planet, has been retrograde since October 30, 2022, marking a two-month period of turning inward, and choosing where to put your energy and focus. With travel in particular, you may have found yourself stuck in place for a while, whether at home or abroad, and at this point, you may be itching to change things up. But before you rush into what’s next, remember that slowing down over the last few months was helpful in learning more about yourself and how you operate. 

Mercury stations direct on Wednesday, January 18, giving you permission to finally make decisions on your direction in the new year. You definitely have travel on your mind with Jupiter transiting Aries until May 15, so if you can’t wait any longer, book that trip you've been dreaming of. Any time after the Aquarius new moon on Saturday, January 21  is a good time to start putting down that credit card.

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Taurus Rising

Pace yourself as you enter the new year. Your ruling planet, Venus, is moving quickly in January, starting off the month in Capricorn, your ninth house of foreign lands, travel, education, and spirituality. If you're already traveling at the start of the month, you’re bound to have a fun time exploring, especially touring old or ancient sites, learning about a destination's local traditions, or taking in beautiful architecture. A Cancer full moon on Friday, January 6, then lights up your third house of local travel and transportation, making it an excellent weekend to go out and have fun in your neighborhood, or wherever you find yourself in at the time. Food always seems to taste better when the moon is in Cancer, so consider inviting some friends out for a great meal with you.

Regardless of whether or not you’re traveling in January, watch your spending habits. Mercury, the planet that rules your finances and cash flow, is retrograde in Capricorn until January 18. You may feel called to pull the trigger on a trip you’re itching to book, but hold off until the retrograde ends if you can. You may end up changing your mind in one way or another, and, refund policies aren't what they used to be in peak COVID. You’re officially in the clear by the Aquarius new moon on Saturday, January 21, which punctuates your tenth house of career, visibility, and reputation. You’ve put in so much grueling, hard work over the last three years, and this new moon offers you a moment to dream up what’s next. Think big—expansion is coming your way in 2023. 

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Gemini Rising

You might as well be moonwalking into 2023, for your ruling planet Mercury went retrograde on December 29, making your entrance into the new year a slow and backward-facing one. This retrograde takes place in serious, structured Capricorn, and you’re likely coming from a place of deep contemplation around the type of life you want to build for yourself moving forward. Take your time exploring your options and try not to rush to any conclusions before Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, January 18. 

Mars also ends its 10-and-a-half-week-long retrograde a week before, on January 12. Mars has been retrograde in Gemini since Halloween and has largely brought about some sort of conflict or challenge related to your health, work, and/or community. You’ve been given many options on how to move forward and you’re finally able to make a choice in January. This will free up the mental space needed to plan the rest of your year, which probably includes some travel. Venus and eventually the Sun joins Saturn in Aquarius, the part of your chart related to international travel, spirituality, and journeys, punctuated by a new moon on Saturday, January 21. If you find yourself abroad at this time, make a point to talk to locals, and meet new people. If you’re home and planning a trip, take this as your green light to finally make your travel purchases. Overall, however, take it slow this month, as your ruling planet will be barely moving. There’s plenty of time to accomplish your goals in 2023, all you need to do now is rest up and plan for the future. 

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Cancer Rising

For you, 2023 is bookmarked by two Cancer full moons, the first of which takes place on Friday, January 6. This could be a time when the spotlight is on you for one reason or another—maybe you happen to be wearing an attention-grabbing outfit or are simply recognized for who you are. Either way, you’ll feel a swell of energy as we enter the new year. While you may be making forward momentum in some areas of life (work seems busy per usual), mentally and internally, you may be still searching for answers. Resist the pressure to make decisions at the top of the month, especially when it comes to booking travel and accommodations. Mercury stationed retrograde on December 29, which could speak to delays and mishaps related to travel, communication, and scheduling. 

Mars remains retrograde at the start of the year, affecting your mental health. If you’ve been feeling restless and/or struggling with sleep for the last two months, that’s no surprise, as Mars’ retrograde likely has you overthinking your career path and professional standing. Additionally, you may have been stuck creatively for some time and this Mars retrograde has enabled you to rethink your passions and desires. On January 12, Mars finally goes direct, bringing some clarity to your professional and creative visions, and settling some of the internal conflict you may be experiencing. Mercury stations direct the following week on January 18, making communication and transportation finally run a bit smoother for you. From this point forward, decision-making should become clearer and you will feel more comfortable making choices—such as when and where to spend time abroad this year—and spending money on flights and accommodations. If you’re ready to book something for the short term, Pisces season (February 20 to March 19) is always a good time for you to travel, especially if you can go somewhere with water.

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Lin Chen

Leo Rising

It may be the dead of winter, but do you feel the whisper of spring around the corner? Each and every day grows longer in anticipation of the next season, and the major change it will bring. For now, you’ll likely enter 2023 feeling no different than you did in December 2022, aside from the fact that you’re ready to escape the limbo you’ve been stuck in for quite some time. In the meantime, January will beacon you into hermit mode, especially at the top of the month due to the Cancer full moon on Friday, January 6. This moon spotlights a part of your chart that deals with solitude, contemplation, and retreat. If you get the urge for an impromptu trip out of town to clear your mind, listen to it. If all you can manage is a day away, escape to nature, a spa, or even the comfort of your own bedroom. The goal is to give yourself time and space to be present with whatever comes up for you that first weekend of the year. 

Aside from work being busy, your social life will be bustling in January as Venus moves through Aquarius, Leo’s opposite sign. Say yes to opportunities to connect with people, new and old, as genuine bonds formed during this period could last a lifetime. Mars, which has been retrograde since October 30, finally stations direct on Thursday, January 12, marking an important turning point for any friendship, community, or family drama you’ve been dealing with, but also bringing clarity on travel decisions you may have been weighing over the last few months. Mercury is also retrograde at this point, which may have added layers of confusion to things, in addition to your finances and spending. Mercury ends its retrograde on Wednesday, January 18, giving you a green light to move forward with planning related to finances, travel, and friends. Is a group trip in order in 2023? Work gets pretty busy in the second half of the year, so consider a getaway before May 15. Aries season (March 20 to April 19) is an especially great time for you to travel. 

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Virgo Rising

You enter the new year driving in reverse, as your ruling planet, Mercury, stationed retrograde on December 29, gives you a look in the rearview mirror going into 2023. What did you start in December that you still have to wrap up over the next few months? Whether you’re working on a specific creative project or you’re prioritizing reconnecting with your pleasure and creativity, take your time to work through it. You’re in the middle of a process that shouldn’t be rushed, as you’re also rethinking how you want to be known and perceived, both personally and professionally. The Mars retrograde in Gemini underscores this as its backward movement over the last two months has been integral in helping you choose a path that feels the most aligned with your values and vision for your life. Both Mercury and Mars station direct within a week of each other mid-month—Mars ends its retrograde on January 12, followed by Mercury on Wednesday, January 18—marking a major turning point of the season, when you’ll finally be able to move forward with decisions you’ve been agonizing over. 

A few days later on Saturday, January 21, Uranus stations direct in your ninth house of international travel, spirituality, and higher education. Uranus brings revelations that tend to shock and surprise, offering liberation from established norms and elevation into a new, innovative space. You may be getting news about an upcoming trip or even an inspired urge to book a new adventure. If you’re already traveling during this time (likely for work), be sure to make time for play, and expect the unexpected toward the end of the month when Uranus stations. Stay open to the possibilities of something magical happening.

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Libra Rising

We enter January at a slower pace, as both Mercury and Mars are retrograde at the top of the year. These retrogrades may be affecting your relationships, finances, and your ability to make travel plans, but they certainly aren’t stopping you from having fun and being creative. By January 2, your ruling planet, Venus, enters Aquarius, a part of your chart related to experiencing pleasure, joy, and entertainment. The first three weeks of January present a great time to have a good time with friends and loved ones—and if you’re traveling, find an activity that sparks happiness or creativity, such as a cooking class or even a shopping trip. You could find some great vintage pieces while Venus is in Aquarius as well. 

You may be keeping an eye on your wallet right now, ever since Mars, the planet that governs your finances, went retrograde on October 30, causing you to rethink your spending habits and how you earn an income. Mars is also responsible for your relationships and partnerships. You may have a loved one traveling abroad during this time, or you could be dealing with issues related to international travel or immigration. The good news is that Mars retrograde ends on Thursday, January 12, marking the beginning of resolution on all of the above. True relief comes when another retrograde (Mercury) ends on January 18, after nearly three weeks in that position. This will bring mental and spiritual resolve as Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn likely put you in a restless and overthinking state. Mercury is also directly responsible for your experience of international travel and cultures, so once Mercury and Mars are direct, expect to feel better about making plans and purchases related to travel. The Aquarius new moon is on Saturday, January 21—expect this to feel like the true start of the year, when all planets are direct and moving forward. Set intentions about the fun you want to have and the magic you’d like to create this year. 

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Scorpio Rising

Your year starts off slow and steady, similar to the last few months of 2022 as your ruling planet, Mars, is still retrograde when January begins. Mars’ retrograde in Gemini has invited you to re-evaluate how you expend your energy and take care of your body. Is the lifestyle you’ve been leading over the last year still working for you, or can adjustments be made? This could look like a change in habits, at work, or even a shift in perspective. You’ve also become more aware of how the way you treat yourself might affect other people in your life. Don’t be surprised if you’re in limbo for most of January, as your ruling planet is barely moving. Mars does, however, go direct on Thursday, January 12, marking the end of your search for answers and the beginning of resolution and relief. 

Before that, a Cancer full moon lights up your ninth house of international travel, beliefs, and higher thought. A newfound clarity comes with this full moon around what journeys you see yourself embarking on this year. If you’re traveling during this time, you’ll find a lot of pleasure in fully immersing yourself in the food culture of wherever you visit. Food always tastes better when the moon is in Cancer. 

In addition to your chart rulers’ retrograde, Mercury has also been driving in reverse through the zodiac, this time in the sign Capricorn, in relation to short-distance travel and commuting, as well as language and communication. If you’ve been having a hard time getting around town, or dealt with messages getting lost in translation, that all should start to clear up after Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, January 18. An Aquarius new moon on Saturday, January 21, marks a fresh restart for all things related to home and family, giving you a solid launching pad for your journey into 2023. 

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Lin Chen

Sagittarius Rising 

When your ruling planet, Jupiter, went back into Pisces from October 27 until December 20, you were given a brief seven weeks to replenish your energy, recenter yourself, and renew faith and optimism before moving full speed ahead into 2023. Now that we’re here, where are you focusing all of the energy that is surging through you? Pleasure and creativity might be high on the list of possibilities as Jupiter moves through Aries, your fifth house of entertainment, sex, and art until May 15. If you’re traveling during this time, prioritize having a good time and at the very least, do some contemplating: What do you want to materialize over the next five months? What type of fun do you want to have? The sky is your limit, but just be patient as Mercury and Mars slow down to end their retrogrades in January, meaning change will be slow to launch at that time.

Mars, retrograde since October 30, finally goes direct mid-month on Thursday, January 12, in Gemini, the opposite sign to Sagittarius. For you, this retrograde likely has a lot to do with your relationships and working through any issues you might have in connecting with others. Sometimes you just need a break from certain people, and they may need a break from you too. While solutions might not pop up immediately, you’re able to move toward resolution when Mars is finally direct. True change begins when Mercury, the ruler of your seventh house of relationships and partnerships, goes direct on Wednesday, January 18. There’s a lot to reconsider in January when it comes to your relationships, your career, and your finances, and forward momentum begins toward the end of the month. 

An Aquarius new moon on Saturday, January 21, lights up your third house concerning the area around you and transportation, making this a potentially busy season. If you can’t wait for a change of scenery, the weekend of this new moon is excellent for a mini-road trip or semi-local excursion. A place where you can blend in and immerse yourself in a new place with ease might be ideal. Rest assured that socializing becomes easier toward the end of the month. Time to make some new friends?

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Capricorn Rising

Welcome to 2023, the year you will finally find relief from the hard work you’ve put in, and the restriction and stagnancy you’ve experienced, over the last few years. We kick off 2023 with a full moon in Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign, highlighting and reminding you of the important relationships in your life. You may be called to consider the company you keep and ways you can show you appreciate loved ones more. Connecting with folks in 2023 will become easier in general, especially once spring rolls around. For now, even small acts to show that you care can go a long way. Pick up the phone and call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. You’ll feel nourished by reconnecting. 

Mars, the planet that governs your home, family, and friendships, has been retrograde since October 30, bringing these areas of your life up for review while potentially raising challenges that may be affecting your health or ability to work. If the restlessness is too much to handle, hang tight until Mars stations direct on Thursday, January 12, bringing a beginning of resolution to all of the above. 

Meanwhile, Mercury has also been retrograde since December 29, this time in Capricorn. Mercury governs your work, health, and lifestyle as well as international travel, so during this retrograde period you may experience delays or miscommunications on these fronts, especially if you’re on the go. Mercury retrograde, however, also gives you an opportunity to plan ahead. This could be a great time to consider what vacation time you’d like to take this year—and when. Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, January 18, giving you a green light to put in your PTO requests and start booking travel for 2023. 

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Aquarius Rising

Are you ready for a big life shift? Here’s hoping so, because 2023 will deliver. First, however, you must get through the slower, more contemplative month of January. We kick off the new year in the midst of multiple retrogrades and planets moving through Capricorn, your twelfth house of mental health, solitude, and loss. You may usually be a bit withdrawn and reserved in this season, as you quietly reflect on the previous year and look forward to what’s to come. Your chart ruler, Saturn, is diligently picking up speed as it moves through the final leg of its journey in Aquarius over January and February. 

For you, the last three years of Saturn in Aquarius have been about maturing, growing wiser and stronger, and understanding yourself in deeper ways. In January, as Venus graces the sign of Aquarius from January 2 to 27, you may experience a bit of ease as you move about life. Venus governs your fourth house of home and family, as well as your ninth house of international travel and different cultures. As it moves through Aquarius, you may be considering ways to reconnect with your familial or ancestral roots, which could look like foreign travel sometime later in the year. If you’re currently traveling under these skies, you may pleasure in connecting with the land and learning about the cultural and artistic customs of wherever you’re at. 

On Thursday, January 12, Mars goes direct in Gemini, ending a seven-week retrograde through your fifth house of pleasure and creativity—and less than a week later, Mercury ends its retrograde on Wednesday, January 18. Both planetary retrogrades have given you an opportunity to work through some creative challenges. After both planets are direct, a new moon in Aquarius lights you up from the inside out on Saturday, January 21, marking a truly fresh start to the new year for you. You can celebrate by planning your next vacation.

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Pisces Rising

The last few months may have been quietly and internally challenging for you with Mars moving backwards through your fourth house of home and family. Uncertainty around your finances and living situation may have kept you from making any decisions about the international travel you likely want to take this year. The good news is that so much will change in the first few months of 2023, offering relief from the limbo you’ve been in for so long. Mars ends its retrograde on Thursday, January 12, giving you clarity on how to move forward with a financial plan as well as a travel plan for this year. You may want to wait until Mercury is direct the following week on Wednesday, January 18, before pulling the trigger on any purchases, though, especially if they involve other people. Mercury governs your relationships as well as your home and family, so if you’ve been waiting to decide who you should travel with, try not to make any final decisions until later in the month. 

An exciting new change that you enter 2023 with is that your ruling planet, Jupiter, is now speeding through your fire sign, Aries, which is your second house of finances and spending. With Jupiter here until May 15, you can count on new opportunities to make money, which is exciting for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Have fun being creative with the possibilities that emerge—who knows, one of these opportunities might change the game for you.

Enjoy moments of rest and solitude you’ll have in January, before life gets busier in the springtime The Sun enters Aquarius, your twelfth house of mental health, alone-time, and contemplation on Friday, January 20, followed by an Aquarius new moon the following day, which punctuates the end of the month with a quiet energy. This turning inward represents an important moment of pause and renewal, marking an appropriate beginning to the new year. From this point forward, feel free to make decisions without fear of mistakes—have faith in yourself. 

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